ESC 2023 Bulletin No 01
ESC 2023 Bulletin No 01

ESC 2023 Bulletin No 01

Dear Sailing Friends,

We hope everybody has arrived safely and healthy in their hometowns, after our sailing journey last May.

First a warm thank you to Mike and his crew which did an incredible job to organize this event.

Despite the sudden changes because of a military exercise and unpredictable weather at the very last moment a lot of flexibility was asked from the crew but they did well.

This year the cres of the Dutch boat is going to organize this event, not to cover up in advance (actually it is), but the problems already raised above the waterline.

At first we heard that the Rabbit has been arrested due to infringement of the Covid-rules. They also apply to rabbits and it seemed that the rabbit organized some party’s with too many people and too little space in his home at Downing Street 10 London. Therefore the rabbit is fired. We have to find a new rabbit and the application process has been started-up already. More about this in the next bulletin.

Second: The location. Having in mind that the war in Ukraine is still ongoing, we tried to choose a location most independent from this war. Of course we are still hoping that this war ends soon and our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.

We have checked when the ECC will take place and decided to the week prior to the ECC as thereafter high season starts.

The date and location are set for the ESC-2023.

The available boats in this location are Bavaria cruiser 46 feet and all 2018 boats. We are busy with the last details of the contracts. As soon as we have it ready we will start the selection process and make sure the charter contacts the individual skippers.

As it is our first bulletin ESC2023 I would appreciate confirmation of receipt of this e-mail with updated phone numbers and email addresses if applicable.

More news and updates will follow in the next bulletin.

All the best and stay safe.

Hans and crew.