ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 14
ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 14

ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 14

Hi fellow Europeans (in mind at least!)

There is no Bulletin 13!!! I did not want to chance any wreckless superstition.

I hope this update finds the vast majority of you enjoying a summer break that is somewhat different to what we experienced the last year! I also hope it finds you all well.

We have recently returned from two weeks sailing with a longing to go for a further two weeks. Sailing does allow you the freedom to escape in a way many cannot so I am eternally grateful for being introduced into the sport at a young age.

I have had a few nudges for updates so now starting to get organised for next year.

Please find attached the 2022 logos. I really hope this is the last set.

Over the coming weeks we will be revisiting our logbook to double check that its assumptions remain valid.

We did look at having a Solent Regatta later this year but I have not progressed this as yet because Covid still plays a large part of our travel plans and red and green country roulette continues. My thinking is we could do this next year if there is interest but keen to hear thoughts on this.

That’s it for now. Speak soon hopefully.

Fair winds