ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 21
ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 21

ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 21

Dear Fleet, and because there is always room for one more bulletin!

2 updates, one minor, one not so minor!

Welcome Drinks and Light Buffet – 7pm start.

We have changed the welcome drinks to be much closer to the new charter base. This will be held at the Sea Flower which is the floating restaurant 100m towards the town from our pontoon. You cannot miss it! The arrangement is Euro 20 / person for 2 drinks (prosseco/beer/wine etc not spirits) and snacks/buffet/antipasta etc. Please be prepared to pay on arrival in exchange for two casino tokens per person which you can exchange for the drinks at the bar. The whole top deck is going to be reserved for the ESC and food will be laid out buffet style around the deck. Start at 7pm and there is opportunity to eat at the restaurant below afterwards. For information the chef makes the best pizza’s in Sardinia and she is soon heading towards her next competition.

The bigger news!

As per my whatsapp earlier, there have been some military exercises announced that are right in the middle of our advertised route! We all can imagine the reasons for this. The restrictions are so bad that we do not feel it is feasible to try and head any further West than Pula so we have looked at an alternative route that takes us East and around the coast heading North. So having done a full recce and had 3 years to fine tune, we are throwing it all away and doing something different. The plan is:

  • Day 1 Destination – Villasimius same as existing logbook. (Restaurants and some supplies available)
  • Day 2 Destination – Porto Corallo, Marina di Villaputza. (Restaurant(s) available)
  • Day 3 Destination – Santa Maria Navaresse, Marina di Baunei. (Restaurants available and probably supplies)
  • Day 4 Destination – TBC Anchoring somewhere down the East coast with plan B Porto Corallo (definitely eating aboard if anchoring)
  • Day 5 Destination – Villasimius – as above
  • Day 6 Destination – Cagliari – time to party

Obviously a lot of this has not been recce’d and we are taking advice from a number of sources including Marco. We will be advising the courses the day before and we will attempt to add some interesting features into each day so it is not a drag race. Apart from all this, business as usual, sailing and fun will prevail.

Safe final travels to those not yet departed.

Best regards

Mike and Crew.