ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 15
ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 15

ESC 2022 – Bulletin No 15

Hello my fellow Europeans. I hope this update finds you, your families and friends well and that you have all managed to have a good year.

It has been yet another close to home year for most of our crew, it was great to see a steady stream of sailing pictures about voyages from all of us on Whatsapp. Certainly our family boat Fandango was well used, probably the most cruising it has seen for a number of years. We are still in the water and hoping to find an anchorage for New Years eve if the weather allows, before the haul out and winter scrub. I like waiting until its really cold to start antifouling, it’s a Brit thing!

We have been looking ahead and our multi-spike covid friend is never far from our thoughts. British Airways has just cancelled our UK flights to Cagliari but we still have options, however it seems that Italy is going to extend their state of emergency to March, Netherlands is now in full lockdown, Austria by all accounts is going to line everyone up for compulsory jabs in Q1 and Party Animal Boris is getting his Downing Street gatherings out of the way before locking down down the UK after Boxing day. At the moment it is not looking too clever and that’s even without mentioning Lewis Hamilton getting robbed of his 8th World Championship!

I would welcome any messages and thoughts as to how we are all feeling about all this including the influence Red Bull will bring to the Americas Cup, will they introduce a rule to ignore Starboard right of way at the discretion of the regatta director? (Maybe we trial that concept in Cagliari 😊)

I have confidence that if it comes to it, we would be able to negotiate a new date again however at that point I would be wondering whether we should plan for a different time of year and further away from the winter months, as it appears this is when the annual peaks occur.

Anyhow to lift the spirit, please enjoy your festive break, take time to enjoy your company with loved ones and lets look forward to a prosperous 2022 for all of us.


Fair winds


Mike and crew