ESC 2020 Bulletin No6 – COVID 19
ESC 2020 Bulletin No6 – COVID 19

ESC 2020 Bulletin No6 – COVID 19

Hi fellow skippers,

Firstly we hope you, your crew, friends and families are all well as the news about coronavirus continues to emerge. It is an unnerving time and heightened today with the World Health Organisation announcing that we are living in a pandemic situation. We had been hoping Bulletin 6 was going to be logbook focussed, but this maybe now 7 while we work through and discuss this bulletin with you.

In trying to find a way forward, there 2 main types of considerations to bear in mind with health being paramount.

From a practical perspective

The status as best as we can understand at present is that some flights are still making their way to Cagliari from other countries but these are the exception with most seem to have been cancelled. There are a few more internal flights landing but these are fewer than normal. According to the latest information this will extend until the 3rd April and at this time there is no way anyone can predict whether this date will be extended or held and it may not be uniform for all countries of origin.

All our crews have different travel arrangements, with different insurances and cancelation policies so a generic understanding of how our fleet is affected is impossible.  So we ask if you can assess against your own circumstances and advise against a common set of questions and thoughts below.

In terms of yacht charter arrangements, Sasha has advised that some updated cancellation policies have come into force as she has explained below: I have questioned these to gain some further clarifications also as below:

From Sasha:

– Free Cancelation without any fee until 15 days before departure.

  (the free cancellation will be applied if the relative authorities consider Sardinia to be a health risk zone-Covid 19-

  or if the client is arriving from a risky zone, or it is prevented from landing in our country).

 – Free flexible rebooking possibilities: our customers can change the charter date, free of charge,(on availability) and with the same seasonality, in case of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus (Covid-19).  

Our questions/Clarifications

  1. Which relative authorities and are they currently declaring Sardinia as a health risk zone for COVID 19?
  2. If the client is denied entry then it is already within the 15 days so is it a free cancellation also?

I will update when we obtain some further clarity.

From a health perspective

This pandemic is clearly a serious situation and rapidly progressing. Regardless of whether travel and charter is actually possible, we can fully appreciate each of our crew will have their own thoughts and concerns covering a myriad of personal reasons to arrive at point whether they wish to participate or not. All answers will be the rights answers. It seems very likely that the threat of COVID 19 will prevail beyond the date of ESC2020 for some of us at least whether due to continue lockdowns, travel restrictions, personal concerns or other. We anticipate that this will steer some boats to not participate but not sighted as to how many as yet.

The big questions:

I would like to receive your views and thoughts on what you and your crews wish to do so we can start to gain a consensus this week on the questions below: There is likely to be a cost implication somewhere to absorb as individuals so I am trying to ignore this at present. Clearly if Sardinia goes into Lockdown then the decision is taken away from us, so this is focussed on judging our thoughts in the current situation. From ESC01 perspective we are still monitoring and cannot yet predict, but the outlook is currently worsening and we would be open to choosing an alternative date, even if the charter cost may increase slightly.


ESC Boat NumberSkipperAre your circumstances overall likely/ doubtful / cannot yet say of participating if Cagliari accepts arrivals.Do you feel rescheduling to a date later in the year is a genuine option Yes/No/Date SuggestionDo you feel that the ESC 2020 edition should be cancelled?


Any comments
01MikeCannot yet predictYesNo 



It is really awful that we are finding ourselves having to write a bulletin like this, however we feel we need to start the discussion moving now as we are only 7 weeks away. I ask if you can let me know and share your thoughts with everyone as you reply.


Best regards