ESC 2020 Bulletin No5 – Post election update
ESC 2020 Bulletin No5 – Post election update

ESC 2020 Bulletin No5 – Post election update

Dear fellow Europeans

It seems like this rally cry may fall away soon so I will use it while I

Please find a short update before we become overly absorbed in seasonal

ESC2020 Disclaimer – please find attached a copy of the disclaimer that we
have become accustomed to using. No change to words, just dates and
particulars like that. If you could please sign and send back to me by end
January 2020 it would be appreciated.

Website updates – You will see that Jaki has yet again agreed to be
webmaster for the ESC2020 website. Many thanks Jaki, it is very helpful and
takes away a difficult task from our organisers list.

ESC2020 logos – we have created a one off 2020 regatta logo and also
tailored it to our crews for this edition of the ESC, taking advantage of
the year numbers 2020 that allows us to do this. I attach the original files
so you have the option of fine tuning any colours that you feel would be
better for your boat. Some of the choice of colours explain our crews
eclectic fashion sense, so please feel free. Be careful when changing the
size as some of the elements don’t scale easily. Best to copy and paste as a
picture before scaling. You can always go back to this original copy if you
need to start again.

Regatta medals and trophies – PÖRNER Group have once again offered to
provide the medals and trophies for our regatta. Many thanks ESC08, Eugen
and crew.

Welcome and Prizegiving reception – we have secured a simple but great
welcome reception with fantastic views over Cagliari, so be prepared for a
steep walk through the old city on the first evening. We are currently
narrowing down the choices for the prizegiving dinner but have good choices
to work with. All details will be advised in the next update.

Crew Photos – we are starting to assemble the logbook now and would
appreciate your photos by the end of January. We aim to have the logbook out
by the end of March.

I think that is it for now. If you have any questions or you think we have
missed something then please drop me a line or send something comical on
WhatsApp. Peter, I am counting the seconds, don’t let me down!

I hope some brave souls amongst us are still on the water for the winter
series. Send your best photos with icicles hanging from your noses to


Mike and crew.

ESC2020 Disclaimer

ESC2020 Regatta Logos