ESC 2020 Bulletin No1
ESC 2020 Bulletin No1

ESC 2020 Bulletin No1

Dear fellow sailors and Europeans

My crew and I bring you warm breezes for all you plan to do in the imminent summer holiday season. Play hard and only bring back injuries that do not affect sailing.

First a point of order. We wish to congratulate Werner and his merry crew for putting on a great regatta for us in Croatia this year. It was thoroughly enjoyable with great consistent winds and good multiple point of sailing legs. Also thank you to Poerner for providing all the regatta medals and trophies as they always do. Bravo to both. Finally thank you to all of us for strengthening our sailing friendship and sporting camaraderie.

Now, sights on ESC 2020. We have been virtually trawling every port, harbour and duck pond trying to find a new location for us that meets the spec that we have all agreed. I think we left no location in the med uncovered and finally drew a shortlist of 3 new locations to choose from. We reached the final decision this weekend and I can happily say that our proposal for ESC 2020 will be Cagliari, Southern Sardinia, week commencing the 2nd May 2020.

So we have:

Closely enough matched fleet consisting of 8 x Bavaria 51’s between 2014 and 2019 and 2 x Bavaria 46’s (both 2017)

The price for all 10 has been matched down to the cost of the Bavaria 46 so selection will be based on whether you want the large vessel (faster in stronger breezes but able to be loaded up with 10 crew to make it slower in light airs) or the smaller vessel (perfectly formed and nimble) let the weather lottery begin! The price will be Euro 2,796 plus the usual base extras. I would add that having looked around all non-Croatia areas, we found there to be a 10 to 20% price premium for good quality boats capable of being part of a near matched fleet which is a reflection of the plentiful and competitive sailing market in Croatia for this type of event.

We are still negotiating the cost of the extras and will update but again it is expected to be difficult to match last year on everything. We are also evaluating the gennaker options to see if we can obtain ones that are close enough matched to include. We had a thought that we may have to go without gennakers for a new area, which is still a concern, so we are pleased that this particular line of conversation is at least still open.

One area of particular interest may be the damage deposit. There will be a standard deposit option (circa Euro 3000) or the damage waiver option which we think will be Euro 500 non-refundable combined with a Euro 1000 refundable deposit. We will update.

I would imagine that in the next few days we can start the process of allocating boats according to the principles we have outlined and then into contracts direct between the charterer and skippers. We are also planning a recce in late October.

So with this information we hopefully leave you with enough for now to let your planning and imagination take-over during all those boring business meetings before your holidays start and start.

Fair winds and speak soon

Mike and crew.

PS: Dennis, please let me know your skipper arrangements for this year