ESC 2020 Bulletin No 9 – 2021 Regatta
ESC 2020 Bulletin No 9 – 2021 Regatta

ESC 2020 Bulletin No 9 – 2021 Regatta

Hi fellow skippers, friends and nautical competitors

I hope this email finds you all well and you are managing to ride out the worst of CV19 as positively as possible. It is time to formally provide an update now that our regatta is set for next year.  

I believe everyone has now concluded their change of contracts and as it stands at present, Cagliari Sailing Charter is fully open again for business and charters are underway. This can only be positive for our event next year in terms of a charter organisation that is in recovery mode. There are still some details to be resolved in terms of who their insurers will be next year and what “new world” limitations will be announced but this is the same for all charter organisations post pandemic. I will update as and when.

Some key things:

  1. The CDIV details are expected to be announced before the October 1st 2020 payment and certainly we have agreed not to pay this instalment before these are made available. To be completely transparent I did hear some chatter about introducing a charge for the CDIV but I am awaiting details on this, even if correct, so please bear with me while CSS negotiate their new insurance cover.
  2. We are opting for cruising chutes/spinnakers and we will ensure all boats will have the necessary capability of flying these. As per the original contract these will be paid for at base upon arrival.
  3. The regatta revised dates are 1st to 8th May 2021.
  4. We will be creating a new 2021 logo and will post this out soon.
  5. I want to create an Instagram account using gmail. I tried to open a generic gmail account to do this but it was already taken! Does anyone know the owner of this account and whether it is clear enough to adopt for this use? I was also thinking of a twitter account along the same lines…maybe ESCForever as the handle or something similar. Lets drag our regatta into the 21st century
  6. Its great that we have adopted WhatsApp as a good way of sharing jokes, chat and pictures to keep us connected in the interim. Let’s keep this going while your commodores crew works on other ideas to keep the spirit alive during this extended period between regattas.

If anyone is in the Solent this year, please say Hi so we can meet up for a beer. Dennis, this may be the one time you can let me know just 6hrs in advance and anticipate a positive reply to coffee and cake.

This leaves me to wish everyone a good holiday season and fingers crossed for a vaccine that allows us to shake hands, hug, dance and be merry in the shortest possible time.

All the best