Bulletin No. 03
Bulletin No. 03

Bulletin No. 03

Subject: ESC 2019                                                                             

Dear fellow skippers,

The Commodore and his team wish all participants in the ESC success and health in the new year 2019! We hope that we all meet again in less than 4 months, in good health, in Pirovac.

Time seems to pass faster and our team has the ambition to distribute the logbook to the skippers at the end of March beginning of April. But to stay within that timeframe, we need the support of the entire ESC fleet. The goals set for 2018 were achieved without significant delays. I would also like to thank you for that. However, we must not let up in 2019 with our efforts. So, what are the remaining points that have to be dealt with in the coming weeks?

1. Crew Photo

The set goal to receive the photos by 20.01.2019 unfortunately was not achieved. Therefore, the request to send us the photos by 01.03.2019.

2. Welcome Dinner and Winners Award Dinner

Pirovac is a small community and therefore the possibilities to find a restaurant that can host 60 people at the same time are limited. Therefore, we are very glad that we found the Restaurant Palladium during our exploration tour in the autumn, which has the capacity and which is within 4 minutes from the port. The Restaurant Palladium offers a menu for every taste. In the annex you will find 3 menu suggestions for meat dishes, 3 suggestions for fish, 2 for vegetarian dishes and for each dish we can make an individual choice out of 5 dessert suggestions. Please forward the menu suggestions to your crew so that everyone can make their choice for both the Welcome Dinner and the Winners Award Dinner.

Please enter the result of the questionnaire in the attached Excel spreadsheet and send it to me by  16.03.2019.

 With the request for your support I remain with best regards

Your Commodore 2019

Werner Schmidt

Annex: Spalladium menu selection and drinks: Spalladium Menu Selection.pdf