Bulletin No. 02
Bulletin No. 02

Bulletin No. 02

Subject: ESC 2019                                                                                         

Dear fellow skippers,

The Commodore and his team are fully prepared for the regatta week in May next year. At the beginning of Oktober we were in Pirovac for a week and were able to explore the harbours and the daily routes with a boat from the Bavaria fleet, which will be available to us for the ESC 2019. The 10 boats were all built in 2018 and equipped with modern equipment.
We can therefore assume that each team will have a comparable boat in May!

In the remaining 5 months the work for the Commodore Team will certainly not run out. Our goal will be to make the logbook available for ESC 2019 by the end of March or beginning of April at the latest. In order to achieve this goal we are urgently dependent on the support of the skippers.

1. “Agreement and Disclaimer Form“ is annexed to the bulletin No.:2.

As in previous years, the text and content remained unchanged. Please return the
signed copy by 15.12.2018 at the latest.

2. Crew Photo
Like every year, we need a new crew photo of all participating boats.
Date: 20th January at the latest.

3. Welcome and Winner’s Award Dinner
We have found a location in Pirovac, right near the marina, which will also be able to
serve dinner for about 60 people within the set time frame.
A menu selection will be distributed by mail in the middle of January. Each crew-
member then should then make his personal choice by mid-February.

4. Medals and trophies will be donated again in 2019 by the Austrian PÖRNER Group!

Thank You very much!!!!
With the request for your support I remain with best regards

Your Commodore 2019

Werner Schmidt