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Engineering Sailing Cup 2025

The Engineering Sailing Cup is an event with a fleet of ten boats sailing together for one week in the Mediterranean. It is a friendly event taking place annually since 2009. For more information have a look at the History page.

Winner ESC 2024
Winner and first time Lady Commodore of ESC is Yvonne Zähringer and crew. Second became Mike Theobald and crew, third became Hendrik Baur an crew.

ESC 2025 is starting 26.4. – 3.5.2025 in Athens, Greece.





ESC 2025 Bulletin No 2

Dear All, we can shorten the procedure as Sarres-Schockemöhle already has your contact details, unless something has changed since last year.   Please just provide your name next to the boat you choose and check the damage deposit option that you prefer.   ESC 2025 – Boat selection                …

ESC 2025 Bulletin No 1

Dear Skippers I hope you all returned safely to your loved ones after the ESC 2024 and that you can still benefit from this wonderful, sporty sailing week. Thank you, Jonathan, and crew, for taking us to a new sailing area this year, the Egadi Islands in Sicily. Also, many thanks to Poerner for providing …



The origin of the Engineering Sailing Cup reaches back to the birth of the Engineering Challenge Cup ( refer to  https://eccsailing.com/ ) which was originated by Eugen Gotter, Lothar Hasenöhrl, Rainer Wittrien, Jürgen Arnold, Peter Müller and Arno Hemm in 1993.

In the Gulf of Athens this crew won the six days “Brezel Race Regatta” organized by Eddy Fröhlich, governor of the bakery association of the Salzburg region, Austria.

 The first Engineering Challenge Cup (ECC) was organized by Arno Hemm in April 1994 and guided the fleet around the island of Majorca. From year to year the ECC fleet increased steadily from 4 to 70 crews which met once a year for one week at a defined location in the Mediterranean sea. As this regatta was based on the slogan “Sail and Fun” the attraction was so great that over the past years the number of participants had to be limited to max. 70 yachts. Beside this the organization efforts and requirements increased in the same way. As the number of locations in the Med was reduced by the size of such fleet ten skippers decided to set up a smaller more familiar event in May 2008. This event was called Engineering Sailing Cup ( ESC ) . The first ESC was held in Majorca again in April 2009 and as a 15th anniversary to the first ECC the route of 1994 was repeated Around the Island of Majorca.

 Within the ESC community there are several participants of the first ECC as there are ( from left to the right ) Eugen Gotter, Manfred Deutsch, Arno Hemm, Jürgen Arnold, Peter Müller, Wolfgang Möller and in front Duncan MacPhee, Margot Gotter and Dennis Nunn.


The Engineering Sailing Cup

Engineering Sailing Cup

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To the participants of ESC 2019 in Pirovac/Croatia

Dear Skippers and dear Fellow-Sailors;
this mail is written with my tears:
In March 2019 I have crossed the line of 80 and after having sailed 23 events with the ESC/ECC and having crossed the waters of the Meditteranian Seas together with you, having won once (the race of Corfu 2016) as crew member of Skipper Dirk, I think now
                          ‘It is time to say Good-bye’ 
my thoughts and wishes will be with you for
‘you shall have always a hand-wide waters under your boat’s keel line’
Sail along and good-bye !
the (now former) flotilla’s oldie